About Us

The Society membership consists of a dedicated group of practitioners spread mainly within the United Kingdom, with some overseas; who have consistently maintained the principles of “Straight Nature Cure” in their practices and in their relationship to their patients’ education and treatment.

Practitioners of this society are deeply concerned at the deteriorating health of our present-day population, clearly illustrated by the increased incidence of chronic life-threatening diseases.

We firmly believe that quality of human health is the result of the individual’s lifestyle, influenced by their genetic inheritance; that being so, we maintain that the improved health of successive generations is a fundamental responsibility of us all. This will be dependent upon the promotion of positive qualities and lifestyles within our present-day community.

The type, source and quality of our nutritional intake, environment and activities must have a direct connection with the level of both individual and community health; this must logically extend to the health of successive generations.

Members acknowledge the importance of the nutritional qualities to be obtained from organically-grown whole-foods as a fundamental contribution to the health of the soil, the individual, and the health of successive generations. We see high-powered advertising of convenience foods, part foods, non-foods and their intake, as one of the sources of the low-grade health that demands more hospitals and health-care in our society. Members of our society subscribe to the observation and philosophical contention that, if well cared for, the human body is extremely resilient and capable of incredible self- healing processes in its maintenance of health. Also, that human beings are highly evolved beings with an endless potential, but they still need to remove the basic causes of ill health, and endeavour to understand that only by removing causes of ill health will health be attained and maintained.

We regard many acute symptoms such as fevers, if carefully handled, as being in themselves, the healing forces of the body at work, and as such should be intelligently respected.

Practitioners of our society, the oldest Naturopathic practitioner society in existence, have had at least four years of training covering subjects such as anatomy, physiology, dietetics, hydrotherapy, manipulation, exercise, fasting and counselling and are advisors of positive self-help programmes.

Our practitioners’ involvement with patients always starts with a consultation; this includes taking a comprehensive case history and physical examination, leading often to hands-on treatment (such as manipulation or hydrotherapy) and always to lifestyle advice; with a commitment to providing further help and assistance, as progress is observed. The practitioner’s task is to direct the patient towards regaining and maintaining a higher level of health.

ISRN practitioners contend that patients must be actively engaged in and working toward their own achievement of health; which besides the added benefit of the patient gaining greater self-confidence and awareness of health, promotes an understanding that this is not due to some concoction that they may have been persuaded to imbibe, but by harnessing their own innate healing potential.


This logo represents a fresh flowering of Nature Cure; we felt it was time for a new logo to represent Thomson Kingston Nature Cure and the long-established Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths as it moves into its second century. We are at the start of a new awakening of interest in true alternatives to orthodox medicine and many more individuals are seeking ways of achieving and maintaining health in a more natural way. Our National Health Service is struggling; antibiotics are meeting ever-greater resistance due in no small part to over-use and the big multi-national pharmas, so often the shining knights of the past, are being exposed as corrupt far too often.

Nature Cure is a complete lifestyle choice so, of course, any logo would have to reflect this. The basic philosophy is that Nature Cure puts the patients in control of their own life and health. It enables them to be far more aware of how the environment in which they live affects their health, and how it does in so many different ways. Equal importance is given to all aspects of their lives and as a result as they become more aware of those influences. There will be far less tolerance of the many imbalances that affect their health and a real desire to address those imbalances.

The Petals

The original logo or icon was based on a square sitting on the ancient conventional symbols for Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The new logo has five petals to represent the five senses: Touch, Taste, Smell, Hearing and Sight. The colours of those petals also represent those older established elements.

The Circle

The circle in blue represents the circle of consciousness, as it sits within the petals but is not bound by them. But the circle also represents water, so essential to health and life. It is also the blue planet, our earth that we live and depend upon.

The Triangle

The triangle represents creative thought but also the stability of the trinity. The three leaf-shaped arms of the triangle also contain the words: Spiritual & Emotional, Science & Philosophy and Mental & Physical. These three foundation stones in turn surround a Spiral of Intuition. These concepts all contribute to make the whole human being. If any one of them dominates, the individual becomes unbalanced. The study of these concepts is through both a scientific and a philosophical approach.

The single flower is the individual; every part of the flower continuously affects all other parts. No one part is more important than any other and each part contributes to the mental, physical and emotional balance of the individual. The petals reach out to the external world and take in the healing power of the sun, clean water, well tended earth and controlled fire.