Nature Cure is an approach to health based on appreciation of the dynamic complexity of life, and rather than regarding the body as a machine with parts to be fixed or replaced, it understands wholeness, connectedness and functionality.

Being healthy depends on physical, emotional and psychological aspects. Where there are weaknesses in any areas, various types of upset – often perceived as disease – can be understood and addressed without the need for any form of medicine. Orthodox medicine tends to target any health problem – which usually manifests as a symptom with a name – as if they had an independent existence requiring attention (suppression) and cure (medication).

By contrast the Nature Cure approach considers the whole person and sees a symptom as a signpost pointing towards the cause of their upset or disease. Working this way patients gain an understanding of their situation and work through it with explanation from their practitioner, coupled with guidance and support.

True understanding can only be achieved by considering every aspect of a person’s life, any of which may contribute to the causation of disease. Symptoms are seen as indicators to be observed and followed not targeted with drugs. Receiving an explanation based on true understanding is a calming, healing experience in itself, and guidance on addressing causes enables the person to gain or resume a happier healthy life.

In particular, any acute illnesses are understood to be vigorous healthy body activities, often dealing with a build-up of foreign matter in the body (also known as toxaemia) or other situations in need of attention, and certainly not something to be ‘cured’ or suppressed. It is vital that the acute activity is handled with an intelligent leaving alone, allowing the body to get on with the necessary cleansing processes. Prolonged suppression generally results in chronic illness, sadly, an all too common cause of human suffering nowadays.

The Nature Cure approach may include short fasts or periods of restricted diet; carefully designed and carried out applications of cold water; gentle (or sometimes firm) practitioner body-work for reassurance and relief of muscular tension, and almost certainly extra rest to allow normal and healthy recovery.

Once there is an understanding of, and a growing confidence in, bodily experiences, and the Nature Cure way of life is accepted, both positive and negative responses can be welcomed; positive ones are more fully appreciated and respected and negative ones are allowed to resolve naturally. No medication, just a little time and appropriate adjustments to life’s routines are needed.

So in a sense, a person becomes their own health expert, knowing how to live and respond to upsets or disease, perhaps underpinned with an occasional visit to a Nature Cure practitioner for reassurance and support.

Important Footnote: We would like to make it clear that the when there is an extreme situation that the body cannot be expected to cope with such as a breakage, obstruction or haemorrhage for example, a Nature Cure person must seek appropriate medical assistance. If the fundamental Nature Cure approach is adhered to it will make the remarkable techniques and methods of surgery all the more beneficial and ultimately healing will be all the more effective and lasting.