Live well. Eat well. Be well.

Live Well. Eat Well. Be well.


“I am so glad you have written this book and put all the wisdom of Kingston Nature Cure into one easy to read book”. Katy L, A Nature Cure adherent for over 80 years.

Live Well, Eat Well, Be Well will change the way that you think about your health – and how you treat your illnesses.

This essential guide to healthy living the Nature Cure way is based on both personal experience and 50 years of professional practice at the Kingston Clinic in Edinburgh. (1938 – 1988).  This common-sense approach to life was originally developed by the author’s grandparents over 100 years ago in order to save their own lives.  Since then adopting this lifestyle has helped people from all over the world recover from life-threatening illness and maintain good health thereafter.


The Nature Cure approach embraces all aspects of your life from what you eat, to how you exercise, to how your emotions affect every part of your body.  Current thinking on emotional health, plant based diets, sunshine and outdoor exercise owe a great deal to the early Nature Cure pioneers.  With Joanna Thomson’s wisdom and experience as your guide you too can beat fatigue and disease, find your natural vitality again and take control of your own life.


The Garden Cure

Garden Cure for Nature Cure ScotlandLockdown has proved the importance of green spaces in our lives.

The time for this book is now.

“The book we have been waiting for.”

Louisa Evans, Social Farms and Gardens


An Education on how to better manage our own and others’ mental health.

From an author who has the backing of many therapeutic figures and organisations through their familiarity with her work and unrivalled reputation.

Cameron has worked in gardens and therapeutic environments and as a trainer in social care for 40 years.



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