We are often asked what does make us different from the plethora of other “alternatives” available so here is a an explanation:

One of the most important aspect of Nature Cure as practiced by the Thomson-Kingston trained practitioners is the attitude to being ill and what it really means. We encourage and guide you, the patient, to take control of your own health. It could be seen as the real primary health care, because by keeping yourself fit and healthy, only in in emergencies will you need the NHS!  The miracle drug today is too often the disappointment, with added side effects, tomorrow.

So how does our approach differ from orthodox medicine and most of the other popular ‘alternatives’?

  • We see you as an individual, and look at every aspect of your life believing that each one is as significant as the other.
  • It is our observation that persistently suppressing the symptoms of an acute condition results in chronic illness in the long term.
  • We regard the symptoms of your illness as indicators to be carefully observed and understood, not suppressed. We look for causes, and try to recognise why you have become ill, or find what might be standing in the way of you getting better.
  • Fundamentally, illness or disease needs to be understood, not ‘got rid of’!
  • Some symptoms can be uncomfortable, disabling or downright frightening and our role is to support, guide and reassure you, as you work towards regaining your health.
  • Given the right conditions our bodies have an incredible ability to heal themselves and our approach covers all aspects of your life. We will work with you to address whatever is making you ill.
  • We do not make promises and this is not a quick fix option, there will be no gimmicky gadgets or packaged remedies to take home with you.
  • We support and we teach, we do not prescribe.

Get healthy, stay healthy, enjoy life and live it to your full potential.