November 21, 2015 untangledwebn

The Healing Crisis


by C. Leslie Thomson

An understanding of the meaning and purpose of the healing crisis is so vital in Nature Cure that no apology is offered for re-­‐examining it in these pages. It is a phenomenon that has intrigued almost every new patient, and has -­‐ unhappily-­‐ frightened a few. The name itself is unfortunate, having shared the same fate as the term “Nature Cure” in being so often used in careless and inaccurate fashion. “Crisis” should mean nothing more than a turning point and, in conjunction with “healing”, ought to convey none of the gloomy foreboding with which so many politicians have invested the word.

Before the healing crisis can be truly understood, it is essential to grasp and accept the Nature Cure interpretation of health and disease. This has its starting point in the belief that every living thing has innate powers of self-­‐ regulation and self-­‐repair. The human body is, in this respect, far better equipped than most humans seem able to believe. By their actions and responses they appear to regard their bodies as ill-­‐designed creations. In an earlier age, this attitude could have been taken as blasphemy but today we are sophisticated enough to pass easy judgement on all manner of complexities.