November 21, 2015 untangledwebn

Your Health and Your Emotions


by Jessie R. Thomson

One age-old teaching of the Nature Cure School is that no man can be well physically if he is upset emotionally. The mentally disturbed individual who is unhappy, worried, fearful, resentful or probably worst of all in a destructively hating attitude of mind, will inevitably find these emotions being expressed through a sick body. Conversely, of course, if one is in a state of physical turmoil and pain, controls are ineffective, nerves are on edge, depression sets in and the outlook is macabre. Either way we are not normal, nor are our reactions normal.

Two of the most vital therapeutic necessities are proper emotional balance and correct mental adjustment. Even amid today’s psychological glibness there is little understanding of their far reaching significance. My professional experience almost convinces me that they are the most important factors in the realm of health. Most people, if they are in earnest, will observe a strict dietary regimen, will carry out regular and energetic exercises, will take cold baths even on wintry mornings and all for their health’s sake submit to every kind of disagreeable treatment. Few, however, will face the fact that the sick body has become ill for one of two reasons: either because the mentality which dominates the scene is secretly determined to make it ill, or because the body is in such a state of emotional agitation that it does not respond normally to situations, and is therefore unable to protect and maintain itself in a reasonable state of health.