September 19, 2015 Joanna

Catarrhal Tendencies

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by C. Leslie Thomson

Catarrh, in one form or another, is so widespread a condition that one need offer no apology for examining the subject more fully.

In one sense, it is the most important of all simple disease states, since the manner of its treatment may decisively influence the individual’s future. Properly understood and rationally handled, a catarrhal system is capable of rectifying itself in an almost astonishingly complete way: treated suppressively, the body may become so handicapped that there is no limit to the unpleasantness that may develop. In early stages, there may be tonsillitis, sinusitis, and earache: in more advanced cases the breakdown may be evident as asthma, hay fever and pneumonia: still worse, one may find mastoid inflammation, diphtheria and tubercular breakdown.